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WI GreyOur Shared Future…

Retirement – it’s something we all look forward to, and getting there should be as easy as possible.

But today’s economy is challenging, and you need a retirement savings plan that’s built with Wisconsin residents in mind. After all, it’s a future that we’re all invested in.

So discover the Appleton Group 401(k) program. It’s an employer-sponsored retirement plan built and run primarily by Wisconsin residents like you. From expert plan administration and investment management to fiduciary support and objective investment advice, Appleton Group 401(k) offers it all.

We believe that a prosperous future for all of us is best achieved by using the experience and dedication of Wisconsin professionals who share in our love of this great state. From the earliest settlers to our most recent new residents, there’s something special about the Wisconsin values of integrity,  community and shared purpose. We all prosper when we put these values into action, and that’s exactly what Appleton Group 401(k) is about.

For our more than 20,000 in-state businesses, we offer the Appleton Group 401(k), but we’re also built for non-profit employers in the form of a 403(b) and for most public school district and other government employees as a 457(b). Together, these three structures offer a comprehensive retirement plan experience available to nearly three million in-state workers.