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Mark’s commitment to objective, independent wealth management led him to establish The Appleton Group LLC in April of 2002. With over 19 years of experience in the financial services industry, Mark serves as portfolio manager for our private client group, and co-manages all assets held in our suite of portfolio offerings. His responsibilities include risk analysis, asset allocation, market research, and institutional client development. Mark also serves as both Principal and CEO of The Appleton Group LLC. He earned his Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation in 2016

Current Market Trends – 4/12/2011

 Earnings season is upon us once again, with a few companies schedule to release quarterly profit reports, revenues and their own forecasts in the coming week.  By perhaps the best measure, the market has already priced in much of the current economic recovery: the current modified price to earnings ratio (PE/10) for the S&P 500 index [...]

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Current Market Trends – 4/5/2011

Another good couple of weeks for the markets and for all of our managed portfolios.  With the current market environment being quite cooperative, we continue to be nearly fully invested in all major market segments, including U.S. dividend-paying equities, U.S. growth equities, foreign emerging markets, U.S. real estate, commodity-based equities, and high-yield fixed income.  Positions [...]

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Current Market Trends – 03/16/11

Over the past two weeks the market advance has weakened a bit, but not enough to warrant further defensive action at the present time.  As of the close of business yesterday, each of our managed portfolios was holding an approximate 55% allocation to equities (mainly domestic equities with a small exposure to international), a 15% [...]

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Caring for the Caregivers

If there's one simple truth that evades time or nationality or geography, it is this: humanity is so much better at dealing with problems after the fact than at avoiding them to begin with. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan are horrific events to be sure, created not by our own doing but by [...]

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Current Market Trends – 3/3/2011

Another month of largely positive market action pushed all of our firm's managed portfolios higher during February. The current rising price trend has been intact since mid-September of last year, and has required only minimal adjustments during this period. With the U.S. and other developed economies demonstrating ongoing economic stability (and even a bit of [...]

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Current Market Trends (2/2/2011)

Generally speaking, each of the ETFs used in Appleton Group Wealth Management's core portfolios (Appleton Group Portfolio, Appleton Group PLUS Portfolio, and Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio) is demonstrating a supportive rising price trend at the present time. The market has remained cooperative over the past four months or so, and as such we have continued to [...]

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Poll: Packers or Steelers?

A good offense will get you ahead, but many believe that defense wins championships.  Super Bowl 45 pits the two top defenses against each other for the first time since 1982.  How do you think it will end? Take our poll...

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Defense Wins Championships

Life here in northeast Wisconsin just got a whole lot warmer! In case you haven’t heard, The Green Bay Packers are headed back to the Super Bowl after a smash-mouth dispatching of the rival Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon. But instead of a high-scoring affair as had been the case in Atlanta the previous week [...]

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A Solid Fourth Quarter Sets the Stage

A solid fourth quarter in the markets and in all Appleton Group Portfolios has set the stage for the New Year.  For much of the past three months there have existed sustained rising price trends for all market segments in which we invest, including U.S. equities (both dividend-paying and pure growth), emerging foreign markets, real [...]

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Year-End Rally Continues

Since the elections back in early November, two market-related events stand out: First, practically every at-risk asset in the marketplace (such as domestic and foreign equities, real estate, commodities, etc.) has demonstrated a strengthening, rising price trend.  Second, the fuel for this advancing market has come at the expense of most fixed-income assets (particularly federal [...]

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