Investable Ideas. Engaging Strategies.

That was the theme for Morningstar’s premier ETF Invest Conference that was recently held in Chicago, Illinois. Morningstar gathered industry experts to explore and discuss the latest trends and usage of ETFs.

ETFs, short for exchange traded funds, are a hot topic in the financial industry. According to Morningstar, there is dramatic growth in this investment vehicle because advisors have recently discovered the versatility of this investment tool.

Mark was asked to be a panelist at the conference because Appleton Group Wealth Management was an early adopter of ETFs. Scheffler has been using ETFs in his managed portfolios for over 10 years.

“Being a featured presenter at the first ever Morningstar ETF Conference was a real honor. As one of America’s early adopters of ETFs, we feel that we have a lot of experience and insight to share not only with investors but with the advisor community as well,” said Scheffler.

The conference was attended by over 200 other advisors, vendors, ETF sponsors and industry insiders. With over 500 ETFs now available in the market, it is becoming more important for advisors and investors to be able to find those that are the best fit to clients and for an advisor’s specific investment management discipline.

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