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The Appleton Group Managed 401(k) / 403(b) has been one of our firm’s most successful investment programs. It offers full-time, professional management of an individual’s personal retirement plan assets. We review the lineup of funds available under the plan, and adjust the participant’s holdings in real time as market conditions change. Many of our firm’s professionally managed portfolios are available under this program, depending on the structure of your company’s retirement plan.

Clients receive quarterly progress reports from our firm, in addition to normal retirement plan statements sent by the provider. We also provide our full suite of financial planning services to all participants in this program. Our firm’s performance is audited on an annual basis, providing an additional level of security and comfort.

The Appleton Group Managed 401(k) / 403(b) is also available to participants of government-sponsored 457(b) plans, non-qualified deferred compensation plans (including those funded by variable life insurance), and variable annuity subaccounts. Account minimums vary, depending on the managed portfolio selected.

We currently manage assets for private client participants of more than 40 employer-sponsored retirement savings plans.  Contact us today to learn more…