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Appleton Group’s primary investment offerings are in the form of Separately Managed Accounts.  These offerings are simply private accounts owned by an  investor in which all securities are owned directly by the investor and managed by Appleton Group.  Each separately managed account follows a specific investment strategy, and the performance of the separate account is reported to the investor on a regular basis.

Each separately managed account is held at an independent custodian (such as Charles Schwab, Fiduciary Partners, et. al.), which provides periodic brokerage statements directly to our clients in addition to our firm’s quarterly performance report.  All client accounts follow the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), the industry’s highest standard for performance calculation and reporting.

Appleton Group offers a complete suite of separately managed account offerings, including seven distinct risk-managed allocation strategies, three focus strategies, and three traditional allocation strategies.  Used alone or in countless combinations, our firm offers complete portfolio solutions for nearly all investors.

Risk-Managed Strategies

Risk-Accepting Strategies

Hybrid Strategies