Risk-Managed Strategies

The Appleton Group Portfolio and Tax Managed Growth Portfolio serve our firm’s core investment lineup. These risk-managed portfolios use The Appleton Group Wealth Management Discipline™ only, and are typically used for 50 – 100% of an investor’s portfolio.

Each portfolio is fully diversified using a variety of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and are managed using our firm’s proprietary trend-following discipline.  Each has an extensive history of measurable performance through both cooperative and uncooperative market environments.

And each core portfolio is available in a variety of risk levels (core, moderate, and/or conservative).  These additional portfolio options combine any one of our firm’s core investment strategies with a specific allocation to income-producing investments and/or money-market assets.

Appleton Group Portfolio:

Our flagship offering, The Appleton Group Portfolio was established in year 2000 and was one of the first investment offerings in the country to offer an active risk/return management style using exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  This strategy seeks to invest exclusively in ETFs whose current price trend is rising, while eliminating exposure to ETFs whose current price trend is falling.

Appleton Group Portfolio

Appleton Group Portfolio – Moderate

Appleton Group Portfolio – Conservative

Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio:

Designed for investors in especially high tax brackets, The Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio seeks to balance the desire for low current taxability with portfolio growth.  But unlike tax efficient strategies offered by many of our competitors, this portfolio has an active investment risk management component  and seeks to insulate investors from catastrophic losses by investing in a variety of “bear market” or “inverse” ETFs during periods of sustained market declines.

Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio

Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Conservative Portfolio

Additional Information…

2009 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2008 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2007 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2006 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2000-2005 Third-Party Performance Verification Letter

Knowing in advance what to expect through both cooperative and uncooperative markets is immensely valuable to informed investors. Much in the way other new products are brought to market, The Appleton Group Wealth Management Discipline™ has been put through its paces through a number of positive, negative and flat markets, ranging from January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2005. For this period of time, Appleton Group Wealth Management has compiled complete performance and risk statistics in a model portfolio format. This format differs from GIPS® compliant performance statistics in that it does not represent actual client performance; rather, it represents performance for The Appleton Group Wealth Management Discipline, strictly implemented during this period of time. This is immensely valuable to the informed investor, as it offers an objective, time-tested and complete history which can help determine the most optimal way to utilize The Appleton Group Wealth Management Discipline in your investment portfolio.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the difference between model portfolio performance and GIPS performance reporting.