Risk-Managed Strategies

Appleton Group offers a variety of specialized portfolio strategies powered by clearTREND® Research.  Each portfolio targets either multiple market segments or specific parts of the market, including income-producing securities, specific U.S. sectors, and even Wisconsin-based corporations. Each is managed by our staff of expert portfolio managers.

Income Focus:

The Appleton Group Managed Income Portfolio which was launched in mid-2012, has already garnered interest from our existing clientele seeking exposure to higher dividend-paying segments of the fixed income market.  This portfolio invests in fixed income ETFs with exposure to U.S. treasuries, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, emerging market debt, intermediate term corporate bonds and high yield (junk) bonds.

Appleton Group Managed Income

U.S. Sectors:

Investing exclusively in the United States, this focused portfolio will select expanding sectors of our home economy. Candidates will include energy, telecommunications, technology, real estate, retail, healthcare, financial services and many more.

Appleton Group U.S. Sectors Portfolio

Wisconsin Focus:

This portfolio breaks new ground for our firm, as it represents our first individual stock portfolio. It will choose approximately 10 stocks from among the 50 largest publicly traded companies in Wisconsin, and will focus on those securities demonstrating the most advantageous price trends. Candidates include companies such as Johnson Controls, Associated Bancorp, Oshkosh Corp., Plexus, Harley Davidson, Briggs & Stratton, Bemis, Kohl’s, Marcus Corp., Manitowoc Corporation, and others.

Appleton Group Wisconsin Focus Portfolio

Note: Portfolio Minimums Apply

Additional Information…

2009 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2008 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2007 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2006 GIPS Third-Party Certification Letter

2000-2005 Third-Party Performance Verification Letter

Knowing in advance what to expect through both cooperative and uncooperative markets is immensely valuable to informed investors. Much in the way other new products are brought to market, The Appleton Group Wealth Management Discipline™ has been put through its paces through a number of positive, negative and flat markets, ranging from January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2005. For this period of time, Appleton Group Wealth Management has compiled complete performance and risk statistics in a model portfolio format. This format differs from GIPS® compliant performance statistics in that it does not represent actual client performance; rather, it represents performance for The Appleton Group Wealth Management Discipline, strictly implemented during this period of time. This is immensely valuable to the informed investor, as it offers an objective, time-tested and complete history which can help determine the most optimal way to utilize The Appleton Group Wealth Management Discipline in your investment portfolio.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the difference between model portfolio performance and GIPS performance reporting.