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Appleton Group Traditional Portfolios are fully diversified, risk-accepting investment strategies for investors with smaller account balances and who are 15 years or more away from retirement.

Each portfolio is fully diversified using a variety of ultra low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  Each ETF focuses on a different part of the market, giving the investor a fully diversified investment portfolio.  But unlike our firm’s flagship asset allocation portfolios, the Traditional Portfolios do not actively manage investment risk, and their returns have historically been quite unpredictable due to the nature of “buy & hold” strategies.

Because strategies that accept risk will generally experience less predictable outcomes and may experience sizable variation in returns, they should only be used for “long-term” assets, generally needed no sooner than 7-10 years.

Appleton Group Traditional – Aggressive Growth

Appleton Group Traditional – Growth & Income

Appleton Group Traditional – Income Focus