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Appleton Group offers a complete suite of risk-managed investment strategies, including both broadly-diversified asset allocation portfolios as well as our ever-expanding collection of focus portfolios.  Powered by clearTREND®, these risk-managed portfolios are typically used for 30 – 100% of an investor’s portfolio.

Asset Allocation Strategies

Appleton Group Portfolio:

Our flagship offering, The Appleton Group Portfolio was established in year 2000 and was one of the first investment offerings in the country to offer an active risk/return management style using exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  This strategy seeks to invest exclusively in ETFs whose current price trend is rising, while eliminating exposure to ETFs whose current price trend is falling.

Appleton Group Portfolio

Appleton Group Portfolio – Moderate

Appleton Group Portfolio – Conservative

Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio:

Designed for investors in especially high tax brackets, The Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio seeks to balance the desire for low current taxability with portfolio growth.  But unlike tax efficient strategies offered by many of our competitors, this portfolio has an active investment risk management component  and seeks to insulate investors from catastrophic losses by investing in a variety of “bear market” or “inverse” ETFs during periods of sustained market declines.

Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio

Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Conservative Portfolio

Focus Strategies

U.S. Sectors Portfolio:

Investing exclusively in the United States, this focused portfolio select key sectors of our home economy.  Sectors include energy, telecommunications, technology, real estate, retail, healthcare, financial services and many more.

U.S. Sectors Portfolio

Wisconsin Focus:

This portfolio breaks new ground for our firm, as it represents our first individual stock portfolio.  This risk-managed growth strategy uses approximately 10 stocks from among the 50 largest publicly traded companies in Wisconsin, and focuses on those securities demonstrating the most advantageous price trends. Candidates include companies such as Oshkosh Corp., Plexus, Harley Davidson, Manpower, Badger Meter, Rockwell Automation, and others.

Appleton Group Wisconsin Focus Portfolio

Note: Portfolio Minimums Apply

Income Focus:

The Appleton Group Managed Income Portfolio which was launched in mid-2012, has already garnered interest from our existing clientele seeking exposure to higher dividend-paying segments of the fixed income market.  This portfolio invests in fixed income ETFs with exposure to U.S. treasuries, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, emerging market debt, intermediate term corporate bonds and high yield bonds.

Appleton Group Managed Income