Mark Scheffler shares his wealth of investment knowledge in thought-provoking book (11/09)

The severe market declines of 2008 and a lost decade of no net growth have challenged investors to rethink the assumptions that were once commonplace. While stocks and real estate and commodities have all experienced periods of great boom, they have also experienced periods of great bust, and many investors have experienced it all with no progress over the past decade to show for it.

But those investors and advisors who are thriving have managed to stay on the right side of the market, both during periods of phenomenal growth and during periods of tragic declines. These investors and advisors are using “Market neutral” strategies which are best equipped to produce the returns that most investors need to make their financial engines run efficiently. These strategies work to neutralize many of the negative effects of the investment markets while reaping the positive rewards that investors seek.

This book lays out what is required of you to get the most out of market-neutral strategies. For every choice in life, there is a cost. For today’s investor and their trusted advisor, adopting market-neutral strategies will require both an open mind and a willingness to separate you from the crowd. It will require you to think of your investment portfolio not as a source of stress but as a source of financial nourishment. It will require you to break away from your dependence on the markets themselves and the huge emotional drain that they can cause. And it will require you to stand boldly against a tsunami of traditional investing theory, and all of the media and marketing that saturate us daily.

In exchange, you will get your life back – and your peace of mind. It may even save society itself…

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