The markets have begun to weaken somewhat over the past few days following last Friday’s poor GDP report.  GDP measures all of the economic activity in the U.S., and with the end of the Federal Reserve’s five year-long stimulus now complete, it really is no surprise that economic activity is weakening.

And the markets are doing exactly what you’d expect – they’re pricing in the reality of a slowing economy.  As we mentioned on Tuesday, all of the assets we hold in our core portfolios (Appleton Group Portfolio, Appleton Group PLUS and Tax Managed Growth) are still demonstrating supportive trends, and at this time no action is warranted on our part; however, we do have several alerts showing in clearTREND®, such as in real estate and small-cap value (which indicate that an adjustment may be required within the next 10 days).

We will of course continue to monitor market conditions daily and automatically make any adjustments to your portfolio(s) that are prudent should downward trends emerge.

As always, please feel free to reach out to either me or your personal advisor at any time…

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