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Rigorous, accurate and thought-provoking research is critical for today’s dynamic investment climate. We’re committed to delivering periodic market and portfolio research that helps inform advisors and investors about existing market trends, and more importantly how we are positioned to respond to those trends.

In addition, we’re committed to providing white-papers (both from in-house sources as well as from our industry) that seek to challenge investors to adopt more proactive and more productive portfolio structures.

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White Papers

From Appleton Group Wealth Management…

Improving Endowment Efficiency.  Combining multiple investment strategies in a single endowment account to produce more meaningful returns through both cooperative and uncooperative economic environments.

From our industry…

Reverse Asset Allocation: Alternatives at the Core.  Build a portfolio starting with an efficient core consisting of alternative management style, and complete allocation by adding equities and bonds.

Benefits of Hybrid Mutual Funds. Hybrid mutual funds provide small investors unique risk-return opportunity not usually provided by most of the traditional investment vehicles, and as a part of a larger portfolio, hybrid mutual funds can provide efficient diversification.

Hedge funds for retail investors? An examination of hedged mutual funds.

On the Right Side of the Market

Published in October, 2009, Mark Scheffler tackles the big issue in successful investing: working to spend as much time as possible on the right side of the large, sustained market moves that have become a part of investing over the past several decades.

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