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switchgrassPNGPromoting Economic Sustainability

The Appleton Group recognizes that unlimited economic growth is neither sustainable nor desirable.  We exist in an industry driven by an incorrect assumption that economic growth is the same thing as human progress.  It is not.

Human progress and prosperity CAN occur in an economy that recognizes limits to growth and development.  This economic model is called a “steady state economy” or “sustainable economy.” It prioritizes the quality of growth over quantity, prosperity over consumption, and human achievement over an endless desire for “more.”  It uses capitalism to execute the delivery of goods and services within the economy, but uses democratic institutions to define what goods and services are desirable, necessary, and sustainable within that economy.

The inevitable transition from a linear growth economy that we have known throughout our lifetimes to a sustainable economy represents both a great opportunity and a great challenge.  While this inevitable transition will result in improved economic opportunity and sustainability in the long run, recent history has taught investors that any unexpected slowdown in economic growth can cause unwelcome market turmoil and excessive investment losses.  The Appleton Group seeks to help investors navigate this transition with a suite of risk-managed investment portfolios that offer unprecedented flexibility, resiliency, and predictability.

The Appleton Group LLC supports the work of The Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin, established by our firm’s founder, Mark Scheffler.