Appleton Group Cybersecurity FULL Presentation

Cybersecurity is in the news almost every day, and we've prepared both a summary presentation and a full presentation on what we're doing to protect your identity, assets and privacy.  THIS IS THE FULL PRESENTATION. Select 1080p HD for best resolution, 720p HD for slower connections.     CLICK HERE for the SUMMARY [...]

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Current Market Trends – 5/2/2011

As has been the case for the last seven months, the market continues to be in the midst of a sustained, rising price-trend environment.  This has been ideal, as it reflects the reality that the markets as a whole continue to be normal, they are experiencing more positive days and weeks than negative ones, and the risks of owning equities right now [...]

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Current Market Trends – 4/5/2011

Another good couple of weeks for the markets and for all of our managed portfolios.  With the current market environment being quite cooperative, we continue to be nearly fully invested in all major market segments, including U.S. dividend-paying equities, U.S. growth equities, foreign emerging markets, U.S. real estate, commodity-based equities, and high-yield fixed income.  Positions [...]

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Current Market Trends (2/2/2011)

Generally speaking, each of the ETFs used in Appleton Group Wealth Management's core portfolios (Appleton Group Portfolio, Appleton Group PLUS Portfolio, and Appleton Group Tax Managed Growth Portfolio) is demonstrating a supportive rising price trend at the present time. The market has remained cooperative over the past four months or so, and as such we have continued to [...]

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Year-End Rally Continues

Since the elections back in early November, two market-related events stand out: First, practically every at-risk asset in the marketplace (such as domestic and foreign equities, real estate, commodities, etc.) has demonstrated a strengthening, rising price trend.  Second, the fuel for this advancing market has come at the expense of most fixed-income assets (particularly federal [...]

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Investable Ideas. Engaging Strategies.

That was the theme for Morningstar’s premier ETF Invest Conference that was recently held in Chicago, Illinois. Morningstar gathered industry experts to explore and discuss the latest trends and usage of ETFs. ETFs, short for exchange traded funds, are a hot topic in the financial industry. According to Morningstar, there is dramatic growth in this [...]

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The market volatility continues…

The Markets The market volatility continues over these summer months with triple digit moves both up and down being the norm. The S&P 500 Index, a useful gauge for the markets as a whole, has moved back to near breakeven for the year which is at the mid-point of its 2010 range. In late April [...]

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Stocks continued to slide…

The Markets On the heels of a tough month of May, stocks continued to slide through much of June. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which declined by -7.9% during May, shed an additional -3.2% in the first week of June but rebounded +6.5% over the next nine sessions. During this period, the Dow traded on [...]

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May proved to be a rough month…

The Markets May proved to be a rough month for the bulls as the global markets suffered their worst monthly percentage losses since February 2009. Coming into the month, all major market segments were continuing to produce slow steady gains. But it was largely downhill for the month as the markets closed lower on fourteen [...]

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