Unintended Consequences: How the DOL is Changing Your 457(b) Plan Forever

You’ve heard the phrase many times before: “The law of unintended consequences.”  It’s when someone does something with the best of intentions, but the unexpected happens.  The Department of Labor has recently moved to do away with conflicts of interest, self-dealing, hidden compensations, and other aspects of retirement plans that worked against your participants since 1974.  However, despite their best efforts, your 457(b) plans are exempt from the new rules.  This means that government employees will be one of only two participant groups in the nation that will still have to navigate the conflicts of interest that 401(k) and ERISA 403(b) participants are now protected from.

This has created an unintended “two-tiered” retirement plan experience.

You might be asking:

  • What exactly does the DOL’s new fiduciary rule change?
  • Why is my plan exempt?
  • What will my employees need to know?
  • Will my current vendor voluntarily restructure themselves?
  • When do the new protections go into effect?
  • What will my participant’s experience be like under the two-tier system?

To answer these questions and others about this important policy shift, Appleton Group along with Hinshaw and Culbertson LLP will be hosting a breakfast event on:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Riverview Gardens Community Center
1101 S. Oneida Street,
Appleton, WI 54915

Register Here:

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