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Participant and Sponsor Support…

A good experience for plan sponsors and participants requires the objective engagement of a qualified financial advisor.

The Wisconsin Select program has you covered, allowing you to choose from both in-house advisors as well as hundreds of in-state third-party retirement plan advisors ready to serve both sponsor and participant needs.

Values of integrity and objectivity are the hallmarks of the advisors of Wisconsin Select. With a wide variety of backgrounds, work experiences, and professional certifications, each advisor is uniquely qualified to give your plan the attention it deserves. Each advisor must be properly licensed and must agree to serve as a co-fiduciary, ensuring investment advice and guidance that is always in your participants’ best interest.

And we know that because your needs may sometimes change, each employer has the freedom to select the plan advisor of their choice at any time.

Objective, unbiased investment advice is priceless. That’s why we believe our advisors should be fairly compensated for the services they provide to your plan.

Honest pay for honest work – another hallmark of Wisconsin life!