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An Easy Decision,
An Easy Move…

Moving your employer-sponsored plan to Wisconsin Select is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, we built it that way!

  • If you currently have a plan in place and you’re happy with your existing third-party advisor, in most cases you can easily keep that relationship to assist in the move and continue their service to you and your participants.

    Simply have your advisor contact the Wisconsin Select transition team to receive a proposal. We’ll detail the costs, features and benefits of the plan, offer you a detailed website demonstration and provide a comprehensive transition packet. We’ll also work with your advisor to notify your employees of the upcoming provider change, supply enrollment kits, as well as provide an introduction to your conversion team.

    From day one, our team will ensure that your HR staff is fully trained in our easy-to-use deferral processing system.

  • If you wish to transition to Wisconsin Select with the services of a new advisor, contact us directly. We’ll be happy to provide you with a list of qualified advisors to choose from. Your selected advisor will serve your plan every step of the way, working to ensure a smooth, easy conversion and new launch.

  • If you don’t currently offer a qualified retirement plan and wish to start with Wisconsin Select, we’re ready to help. Our plan design specialists will work with you to create an employer-sponsored plan that meets all of your needs. We’ll help you select an advisor, set a launch date and do everything to train your HR staff so you’re ready for a successful start.

From transitioning existing plans to startups, Wisconsin Select is here to make it as easy as possible. Take your first step today by calling our Appleton office at (920) 993-7727 or (866) 993-7727 (toll-free number) or submit a request for proposal using this convenient online form…