The Appleton Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering objective, unbiased wealth management, research and investment advisory services. As a mid-sized privately held firm, we work to help individuals, families, foundations, corporations and other advisors build and manage more predictable, sustainable and profitable portfolios over time. We’re committed to the long-term economic sustainability of our clients, and work to balance the rewards of investing with the risks of today’s dynamic marketplace.  Join us!

Introducing, the Wisconsin Select 401(k) Program…

Discover the Wisconsin Select Program, an employer-sponsored retirement plan platform comprised exclusively of in-state investment managers, administrators, advisors and plan fiduciaries.

This important new retirement plan platform is designed to help Wisconsin-domiciled corporations, non-profits and government entities provide a best-in-class employee benefit to their participants.  It’s also built to leverage the exceptional investment management talent in our state, and to serve as a powerful economic development tool for Wisconsin residents.

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Moving your employer-sponsored plan to Wisconsin Select is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, we built it that way!

Build a Robust Wisconsin Economy

Retirement readiness and a positive participant experience are top priories, but there’s a deeper advantage to Wisconsin Select that you’ll love.

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From plan administration and investment management to fiduciary support and objective investment advice, Wisconsin Select offers it all.

Discover Appleton Group, LLC

Today’s dynamic markets require flexibility, experience and discipline. Our staff of expert investment managers and advisors are dedicated to helping investors meet their financial goals on schedule, regardless of market and economic conditions.

We offer…

  • Flexible, time-tested investment solutions that automatically adjust as market conditions change

  • Personal portfolio progress reports

  • Access to our own cutting-edge research, analysis and market commentary

Experience matters, and our suite of investor solutions have stood the test of time. Our professionally managed portfolios are built to navigate both cooperative and uncooperative economic environments.  And all portfolio performance is GIPS® compliant, meeting our industry’s highest reporting standards.

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  • Resilient, successfully navigating more than 15 years of economic turbulence

  • Dedicated to full transparency, liquidity and economic sustainability

  • Committed to the highest level of integrity, ethics, and professionalism

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