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The Appleton Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering objective, unbiased wealth management, research and investment advisory services. As a mid-sized privately held firm, we work to help individuals, families, foundations, corporations and other advisors build and manage more predictable, sustainable and profitable portfolios over time. Appleton Group strives to be the region’s most admired wealth advisor, producing unparalleled portfolio growth and income for our clients while helping them plan for the future with honesty, independence, and integrity.  Join us!

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Our typical clients are either 1) retirement plan sponsors (such as corporations or government entities), or 2) individuals and/or families.

Appleton Group serves as an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary, which is the highest level of service to retirement plan sponsors.  We coordinate all aspects of a successful retirement plan, including investment selection and monitoring, administrative oversight, participant education, and sponsor services.  We offer two employer-sponsored retirement plan programs: Wisconsin Select (consisting primarily of in-state service providers), and Appleton Group 401(k) (consisting of service providers located throughout the United States).

Appleton Group’s private client services are robust, and include investment planning, strategy selection and monitoring, retirement sustainability analysis, tax-minimization guidance, multi-generational wealth strategies, and more.  These services are typically used by individuals and families with total assets of $250,000 and up.

It depends.  For retirement plan sponsors, our annual fees range from 0.10% (for fiduciary services only) to as much as 0.70% (which also includes participant education, administration oversight, sponsor services, etc.).

For private clients services, our annual fees generally range from 1.00% to 1.40% depending on the strategies you choose and the complexity of your particular financial situation.  These fees can sometimes be tax-deductible, and are most often charged directly to your managed account(s).

There are a number of excellent, independent Registered investment Advisors (RIAs) in the State that you might compare us to.  In fact, we’d be more than happy to give you the names and phone numbers of any number of similar firms in Wisconsin at your request.  Wisconsin has many solid advisors and investment managers to choose from, and it’s not at all unusual for us to include other in-state talent in a portfolio (especially in our employer-sponsored retirement plans).

Occasionally, investors might confuse a Registered Investment Advisor (like Appleton Group) with a brokerage firm.  But it’s important to know that brokers are paid to sell securities, which we don’t do.  Instead, we’re required as a fiduciary to offer advice and guidance that’s always in your best interest, and for that important service we’re paid fairly, openly, and with complete transparency at all times.  Investors with few assets can be served well by brokers; but for clients with larger portfolios, a Registered investment Advisor is often a far better choice.

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Discover the Appleton Group 401(k) Program, an employer-sponsored retirement plan platform comprised primarily of in-state investment managers, administrators, advisors and plan fiduciaries.

This important new retirement plan platform is designed to help Wisconsin-domiciled corporations, non-profits and government entities provide a best-in-class employee benefit to their participants.  It’s also built to leverage the exceptional investment management talent in our state, and to serve as a powerful economic development tool for Wisconsin residents.

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Moving your employer-sponsored plan to Appleton Group 401(k) is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, we built it that way!

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Retirement readiness and a positive participant experience are top priories, but there’s a deeper advantage to Appleton Group 401(k) that you’ll love.

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From plan administration and investment management to fiduciary support and objective investment advice, Appleton Group 401(k) offers it all.

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